Horizon Roofing and Siding

The total package

Polaris ValueSmart supplies us with all we will need to make over your home! Window and door surrounds, dental molding, shutters, corner posts, and wide assortment of other components. ValueSmart offers several styles choices and a wide selection of colors. We choose Value smart for it's superior quality, style, and preformance.

At Horizon we offer Polaris ValueSmart siding products. Polaris continues to offer high quality product with ValueSmart Vinyl Siding. Great style that will impress you and your neighbors! Deep cedar wood grain emboss and low luster finish is a standard for ValueSmart. A full spectrum color palette allows you to be creative, choose a one color for the body of you home and choose another as an accent color. ValueSmart offers you peace of mind with reinforced nail-hems and positive locking system. The enhanced thickness and strength ensures panels stay straight and true. Ensuring resistance to denting, hail damage, and scratches. Plus it will never need painted!

Beautify the exterior of your home

​When it comes to siding nothing is easier to take care of than vinyl siding. Vinyl siding is virtually maintenance free, which gives you more time to enjoy your home. Vinyl siding is great at weathering the elements as well as protecting your home.