Storm Damage

Make your claim

Below are some insurance company links straight to their claim pages. If your insurance company is not listed                   and we will help you. We work many other insurance companies as well.

How the process works

  • Homeowner contacts Horizon Roofing expressing concern that they may have storm damage
  • ​One of our Account Managers/Inspectors visits your home to answer your questions and preform an inspection on your roof
  • ​Your Account Manger will then discuss and damaged they saw and what repair may need done
  • ​Your Account Manager will then help you contact your insurance company and will set a meeting with the adjuster
  • ​Your claim will be negotiated the day of the adjusters meeting. The process will then begin right away
  • When your roof is complete, your Account Manager will access the work and make sure you are satisfied. When the work is complete your insurance company with release any remaining funds. When Horizon Roofing receives this remaining money we will then give you your manufacturer warranty


* Remember you are ONLY responsible for your deductible and any upgrades you chose to have done. We will negotiate with your insurance company and come to an agreement on the price for the repair and this is the final price of your roof.

​The claim process

​We want you to know that most insurance companies only allot a specific window of time to have the damage repaired. The insurance company will most likely want to send out an adjuster and pay the homeowner for "repairs". Often, long term damaged is caused by the initial storm damage, and only being temporarily fixed with repairs can make matters worse.

Horizon Roofing will build an exactimate and a damage portfolio; your account manager will present these to your insurance adjuster. These tools will ensure a fair settlement for all the necessary repairs.

​We do all the work for you

​Horizon Roofing will send one of our account managers to your home to inspect your roof. If your account manager finds damaged, they will work directly with you insurance company on your behalf. Your only job is to pick your shingles and color and we handle to the rest.

You have invested in your home

You have invested in your home to make it just what you want. If you have experienced recent severe storms, your roof may have suffered damage. A damaged roof can't do it's job to protect your investment. As homeowner 

there is good news, your insurance company may cover the cost to replace your damaged roof. 

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